Commercial Solar

Reduce costs with commercial solar.

Solar Energy for business and industrial customers can be a practical and an effective method of reducing energy costs whilst reducing an organisation’s environmental footprint. The benefits and payback of Solar Energy are justified purely on financial terms for majority of businesses, whilst for others it may come down to a combination of financial, marketing and environmental credentials that determine the investment decision.

  • You may be entitled to a renewable energy certificate from Australian government which can be traded to offset some of the installation costs.
  • Depending on a number of factors, solar feed-in tariffs are the price you could be paid for the excess electricity your system generates back into the grid.
  • As energy costs rise, the installation of a Solar System allows businesses to lock in some or all of their energy requirements at a fixed, predictable rate.
  • Every kW of Solar Power installed can reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by more than 2 tons per annum, providing a measurable benefit to the global reduction of CO2.

Why Aztech Solar?

Aztech Solar's specialist solar team offers:

  • A tailor-made system designed specifically to suit the needs of your business
  • World-leading products supported by comprehensive warranties & ongoing support